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Below is a blog question received.

Hello Judy,

My company's Vice President Austin Merritt found your web site while researching an article he just finished. The article talks about why fewer and fewer companies are choosing horizontal (i.e. generic, cross industry) accounting software.

He forwarded me the link to your blog hoping he could get your feedback.
Here is the link to the article:

Is Horizontal Accounting Software Dead?

Given your expertise in the accounting realm, I think it would be interesting to read about whether or not you think horizontal accounting software is dead.

Would you mind posting a link or a short write up about his article on your blog?

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Judy's Response,

I would think most small business will still need to use quickbooks as many business fields really can't afford to have a custom application developed. The construction industry has many quality software applications already developed and this industry has benefited greatly by industry specific adaptations. A business owner really needs to take the time to analyze the cost of the software with the time savings it will create. Companies that build industry specific templates and sell them at a discount to each segment will have a huge advantage as custom applications will be to expensive for many small businesses. If you are considering using a customized software for your industry try to demo the software and really identify time savings and figure out a payback. If you have an employee doing you're bookkeeping at $10.00 per hour and the software can save 5 hours a month for instance it would be a savings of $50 dollars per month or $600.00 per year. With a slow economy these savings are only realized when the employee is actually able to be more productive. Many offices are understaffed and investing in technology is often a way to help the current staff keep their sanity.

Hope this helps. I will answer specific questions about software if emailed.